As denim is worn and washed it alters and evolves over time.  This is one of our favourite aspects of denim as it brings out the characteristic of the cloth, unique patterns emerge with the repeated wear and folds of the fabric.  Additionally, how you care for your denim impacts the garments appearance and longevity.  See our care tips below to get the most out of your Iden Denim and ready-to-wear items.  

Firstly, please always refer to the wash-care instructions on the care label for general guidelines but for more specific denim care tips see our recommendations below. 


Machine Washing 

When machine washing, the degree temperature on the care label is set to the maximum the garment can withstand.  We recommend washing your clothes on the lowest temperature available, ideally cold.  This helps to preserve the colour, minimizes the possibility of shrinkage and uses less energy, no brainer right?

As you wear in your new jeans they begin to loosen a little, this is integral to the denim fabric, we call it a natural mechanical stretch.  This means that after washing your jeans will often feel a little bit smaller than they did before, particularly after the first wash when the fibers return to their natural state.

Turn your jeans inside out to help preserve the colour.

Do not overload your washing machine, tightly packed garments in the machine drum can create a marbled effect on the surface of the fabric. 

Always wash dark colours together, the dye from dark jeans can bleed particularly on the first few washes and can transfer to lighter coloured garments.  We also recommend washing your jeans before you wear them to avoid the colour transferring to any light coloured upholstery. 

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Tumble dryers; significantly increases the cost of your energy bills, fades colour, increases likehood of shrinking, wears down the surface of the fabric, increases the rate of pilling (bobbles on the surface) particulary on knitwear and jersey-wear.   

We recommend smooth your jeans to flatten any creases from the machine and line dry. 


Delicates and Non Denim

All of our ready to wear is designed and manufactured with care to be timeless pieces you'll want to cherish. To help you care for your delicate items we have a few handy tips. 

 For the For delicate silk blend items, jersey and knitwear, turn the garment inside out and put the garment in a laundry bag or pillow case.  This preserves the surface of the fabric from pilling (bobbling) and prevents delicate items getting snagged or ties getting wrapped around other garments and tearing.