At IDEN we are making a conscious choice to produce sustainable denim collections for women that love style. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do as we try to reduce our environmental impact on the earth. We are committed to using organic and recycled fibers, reducing our water usage and applying environmentally friendly trims.


Reduced Water Consumption

Water is so precious and we are working with factories who share our conscious decision to reduce water in clothing manufacturing. Our jeans have eco-friendly washes using laser and ozone systems to ensure that we can get a better finished product with a fraction of chemicals.

About 75% water reduction.


Eco Friendly Trims

Our branded rivets and buttons are made with a market leading factory that are Bluesign® accredited. This accreditation gives us confidence that the trims on our jeans have been produced with low environmental impact. Eliminating harmful substances and manufacturing them in safe production controls, not only the better for the environment but for those who help produce them too.

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Recycled Leather Patches

We apply recycled leather patches to our denim to further reduce our environmental impact through an up-cycling process. These patches are made by combining the off-cuts and edges of the leather skin that are usually discarded from other manufacturers, ensuring that we are not being wasteful.



We have a small supply chain for better visibility and open communication. We work closely with our partner factories in Turkey & Portugal, who respect and share our conscious choice and sustainability ethos.
We source our denim qualities with pioneering mills in Europe who want to lead the change in sustainable fashion. Each season they share with us new fabrics, qualities and processes to ensure that we can make informed decisions when developing collections.

Our collections are designed with care and love in London, England.